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About Us
Early Bloomers Program Philosophy
Our philosophy is that "play is a child's work". Children are competent, amazing learners that given the opportunity and support from parents and/or caregivers will develop and grow in their own unique way. Children deserve a childhood full of memories that are created by exploring, creating, and spontaneous discoveries. We can provide these experiences through a nuturing, well planned environment that encourages play, exploration, curiosity, and problem solving. Teachers act as facilitators to help children build upon their interests and knowledge by careful observation, meaningful interactions, and documentation. Children have the opportunity to work individually or collaboratively and may choose whether or not to participate in activities. There will be structured and unstructured periods throughout the day enabling children to play, learn, and grow at their own rate.

Early Bloomers Curriculum
Based on our above mentioned philosophy we believe curriculum is not something that is purchased but curriculum is what happens in the classroom every day. We follow an emergent curriculum that is based on observation of children's interests and what is happening in the classroom day by day and week by week. Emergent means that planning is based on what is "emerging" from the daily life of the children and adults in the classroom.